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bfgminer for Mac OS X

bfgminer is maintained by luke-jr and the github can be found project here. cgminer and sgminer are also available. These versions have been compiled for Mac OS 10.6+ by John O'Mara, creator of MacMiner, so that they can be used without a lengthy install process. Instructions are included in the download, if you have any problems please check the forum.

These backends often trail behind the versions in MacMiner so if you need a newer version please show package contents on the latest version of MacMiner

Version Notes
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bfgminer 5.4.2 Fix some possible edge case problems with stratum proxying (--stratum-port).
openwrt: Binary packages for 15.05 "Chaos Calmer".
Fix 2D work support for GBT servers (requires libblkmaker 0.5.3 or newer).
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bfgminer 5 Multi-blockchain support: BFGMiner can now be told which pools use the same "mining goals", and will track the blockchain independently for ones that don't. This allows you to mine multiple cryptocurrencies concurrently using any pool strategy (including balance and load-balance).
Multi-algorithm support: BFGMiner is now capable of hashing on both scrypt and SHA256d work at the same time, and you can assign the mining algorithm to use on a per-goal basis. As with multi-blockchain support, this works even in balancing strategies. Note that at this time, only CPU, OpenCL, and Proxy drivers actually support multiple algorithms at the same time (DualMiner must be preconfigured for only one, and GridSeed remains scrypt-only).
Stratum extensions for mining goals: New experimental methods mining.capabilities and mining.set_goal for Stratum allow you to expose control of the mining algorithm to the pool. These extensions are considered draft and may be changed based on the needs of multiblockchain pool operators.
RPC: Also extended for multiple mining goals/algorithms. Interface is subject to change.
kncasic: New driver for KnCMiner Neptune (and 2nd-gen Jupiter modules).
minion: New driver for BlackArrow Prospero X1.5.
titan: Work flushing optimisations from KnCMiner, and reduce processor view from per-core to per-die.
Keccak: Support for the SHA-3 winner hash as a proof-of-work algorithm.
opencl: Workaround broken global work offset support in buggy drivers.
opencl: GPU mining is now disabled by default for scrypt. Use -S opencl:auto to enable it.
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bfgminer 4.10 (VERSION REMOVED) minergate: Support for Spondoolies SP30.
titan: Numerous fixes and improvements from the KnCMiner team.
bfgminer 3.10 Support for AntMiner U1, Drillbit, and HashFast devices.
Option --weighed-stats to display share-count columns (A/R) weighed to difficulty 1.
x6500: maxclock setting (use with --set-device) to limit dynamic clocking range.
opencl/adl: Fixed crash on exit with R9 series GPUs.
bfgminer 3.9 hashbusterusb: Voltage/VRM controls, and support for identify function (5 second LED colour change).
nanofury: Support for identify function by turning LED off for 5 seconds.
twinfury: Support for voltage information/control.
Linux: New udev rules file to automatically put supported (and autodetectable) mining devices in the "video" UNIX group.
bfgminer 3.8.1 - Bug fixes - Compiled without little fury driver
bfgminer 3.6 - klondike: New driver, just imported from cgminer mostly as-is for now.
- opencl: Support will remain, but it is not compiled by default. This version is compiled with opencl support.

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